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The Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges supports and represents shooting ranges across the state. We address the challenges that threaten shooting ranges and work to facilitate communication and sharing of experiences between the ranges. We want to ensure that our ranges are preserved for the next generation and beyond.

Organized in 2003, Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges (OASR) can help your shooting range with range design, membership management, safety issues and environmental issues. Due to the leadership of OASR, Oregon leads the country on environmental stewardship of shooting ranges. OASR has developed working relationships with various agencies to help member ranges work through issues that can threaten their existence. Shooting ranges have many challenges. Our expertise can help your range find and resolve problems before they become serious.

When you join OASR you will make some real friends with decades of shooting range experience on our member ranges and the Oregon State Shooting Association (OSSA).

OSSA is dedicated to serve the needs, represents the interests, and protect the rights of all responsible gun owners in Oregon. Your involvement will help us preserve our rights. OASR provides your club membership to both OSSA, & National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

Read the NSSF's article about OASR in their range report. (page 20)

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